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Music Resources




Chord and Scale Charts 2

Scale C. 3

Common Chords in C. 3

The Scales in C. 3

Scale C# and Db. 4

Common Chords in C# and Db. 4

C# Scales. 5

The Scales in C# and Db. 5

Scale D. 6

Common Chords in D. 6

D Scales. 6

The Scales in D. 6

Scale Eb and D#. 7

Common Chords in Eb and D#. 7

Eb Scales. 8

The Scales in Eb and D#. 8

Scale E. 9

Common Chords in E. 9

E Scales. 9

The Scales in E. 9

Scale F. 10

Common Chords in F. 10

F Scales. 11

The Scales in F. 11

Scale F# and Gb. 12

Common Chords in F# and Gb. 12

F# Scales. 13

The Scales in F#. 13

Scale G.. 14

Common Chords in G.. 14

G Scales. 14

Example: Chord Tablature for Piano. 14

The Scales in G.. 15

Scale Ab and G#. 16

Common Chords in Ab and G#. 16

Ab Scales. 17

The Scales in Ab. 17

Scale A. 18

Common Chords in A. 18

A Scales. 18

The Scales in A. 18

Scale Bb and A#. 19

Common Chords in Bb and A#. 19

Bb Scales. 20

The Scales in Bb. 20

Scale B. 21

Common Chords in B. 21

B Scales. 21

The Scales in B. 21

Piano Links 22

General Reading. 22

Free Online Piano Courses. 22

Rock and Funk Piano. 24

Jazz Piano. 24

Scales. 25

Chords and Harmony. 25

Style. 25

General Websites. 25

Influential Piano Players. 26

Rock. 26

Jazz. 26


Chord and Scale Charts


Use the “Chord and Scale Charts” as a very, very useful reference, when you get lost in a Db flat scale with 4 chords in each bar. Most of the chords should be there.


Scale C

Common Chords in C



The Scales in C

C Major Scale



C Parallel Minor Scale



C Dorian Scale



C Mixolydian Scale



C Blues Scale



Scale C# and Db

Common Chords in C# and Db



C# Scales


Major                             Minor                     Dorian               Mixolydian




The Scales in C# and Db

C# Major Scale



C# Parallel Minor Scale



C# Dorian Scale



C# Mixolydian Scale



C# Blues Scale



Scale D

Common Chords in D



D Scales

Major                           Minor                     Dorian                 Mixolydian



The Scales in D

D Major Scale



D Parallel Minor Scale



D Dorian Scale



D Mixolydian Scale



D Blues Scale



Scale Eb and D#

Common Chords in Eb and D#



Eb Scales


Major                          Minor                  Dorian                   Mixolydian



The Scales in Eb and D#

Eb Major Scale



Eb Parallel Minor Scale



Eb Dorian Scale



Eb Mixolydian Scale



Eb Blues Scale



Scale E

Common Chords in E



E Scales


Major                           Minor                       Dorian                Mixolydian



The Scales in E

E Major Scale



E Parallel Minor Scale



E Dorian Scale



E Mixolydian Scale



E Blues Scale



Scale F

Common Chords in F



F Scales


Major                         Minor                   Dorian                    Mixolydian



The Scales in F

F Major Scale



F Parallel Minor Scale



F Dorian Scale



F Mixolydian Scale



F Blues Scale



Scale F# and Gb

Common Chords in F# and Gb



F# Scales


Major                            Minor                    Dorian                 Mixolydian




The Scales in F#

F# Major Scale



F# Parallel Minor Scale



F# Dorian Scale



F# Mixolydian Scale



F# Blues Scale



Scale G

Common Chords in G



G Scales


Major                           Minor                     Dorian                  Mixolydian




Example: Chord Tablature for Piano

          In the pro version of Basic Piano, you have chord tablature for all keys.












The Scales in G

G Major Scale



G Parallel Minor Scale



G Dorian Scale



G Mixolydian Scale



G Blues Scale



Scale Ab and G#

Common Chords in Ab and G#



Ab Scales


Major                           Minor                  Dorian                    Mixolydian



The Scales in Ab

Ab Major Scale



Ab Parallel Minor Scale



Ab Dorian Scale



Ab Mixolydian Scale



Ab Blues Scale



Scale A

Common Chords in A



A Scales


Major                           Minor                       Dorian                Mixolydian



The Scales in A

A Major Scale



A Parallel Minor Scale



A Dorian Scale



A Mixolydian Scale



A Blues Scale



Scale Bb and A#

Common Chords in Bb and A#



Bb Scales


Major                          Minor                 Dorian                      Mixolydian



The Scales in Bb

Bb Major Scale



Bb Parallel Minor Scale



Bb Dorian Scale



Bb Mixolydian Scale



Bb Blues Scale



Scale B

Common Chords in B



B Scales


Major                            Minor                      Dorian                Mixolydian



The Scales in B

B Major Scale



B Parallel Minor Scale



B Dorian Scale



B Mixolydian Scale



B Blues Scale




Piano Links

General Reading

Free Online Piano Courses

General Piano Lessons

q    Simple lessons, but take the course anyway. There are quite a few tricks to learn.


q    Very good, free jazz website.

Jazz Improvisation

q    Jazz theory and improvisation

Classic Piano

q    A comprehensive classical music tutor. Rewarding reading, also for rock and jazz musicians, especially the sections on fingering and general piano techniques.

Music Theory; All Aspects of ROCK & JAZZ/1 Music Theory

q    The complete music theory book for Rock and Jazz. The perfect companion to the Basic Piano book.
Order the Music Theory Book


Rock and Funk Piano

Rock Piano

q    A competitor to Basic Piano, but we don’t mind. Never stick to one music teaching book – read as many tutors as you can. Peter Gelling et al. (Learn to play publishing)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Funk Piano

q    Introduction to funky piano playing. Peter Gelling et al. (Learn to play publishing)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Rock Licks for Piano

q    New fills or licks in various styles. Paul Desilva Cherry Lane Music Company
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Everything Rock & Blues Piano Book: Master Riffs, Licks, and Blues Styles from New Orleans to New York City

q    A guide to blues styles including phrases and soloing. Eric Starr (Adams Media Corp)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Best of Rock: A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Famous Rock Keyboard Styles and Techniques

q    Learning the secrets of rock styles. Todd Lowry (Hall Leonard Publishing Corporation).
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Jazz Piano

Exploring Jazz Piano Vol. 1

q    Great jazz exercise and training book. 240 pages. Tim Richards (Schott Educational Publications)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Improvising Blues Piano

q    Excellent primer in blues piano. Tim Richards (Schott Educational Publications).
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Learn Boogie Woogie Piano

q    Pete Johnson was one of the greatest Boogie Woogie players ever. Learn the secrets of the style. The Boogie Woogie of Pete Johnson, Albert Ammonds and Meade “Lux” Lewis.
Order from the Publishing House

Jazz Piano – Improvisation

q    Advanced jazz improvisation. Dominic Alldis (Music Sale)
Order on Music Sales

Diana Krall: The Piano Transcriptions for Piano, Voice and Guitar

q    Fine exercises from a great pianist. Diana Krall (Wise Publications)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk

Jazz-rock Keyboard: The Complete Guide with CD

q    Basic exercises. T. Lavtz (Hal Leonard Music Corporation)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk


The Manual Of Scales, Broken Chords and Arpeggios

q    Advanced broken arpeggio and scales.
Order on Music Sales

Skytopia – Scales

q    A dedicated scales website. Many astounding scales and new ways of thinking of scales.


Chords and Harmony

Rockmaster System: Relating Ongoing Chords to the Keyboard

q    A handy little book on how to progress smoothly from one chord to the other. Winston Harrison (Dellwin Publishing Company, Inc)
Order on www.amazon.co.uk



Rock Sociology

q    The classic book on rock culture and its social relations. Interesting reading for any rock musician. Simon Frith (Cambridge University Press)
Visit the Publishing House

General Websites

q    Good introduction to the technical side of the piano.

q    British piano shop- Very, very British indeed.

q    Interesting piano shop with a lot of good tips.

q    Great German jazz website with lots of musical examples.

q    Blank sheets in many styles.

q    Music resources website. Home of the All Aspects series. Free music software, note paper, note fonts and tablature for guitar, bass, drums and piano.

q    Home of the publishing house NORDISC Music & Text.


Influential Piano Players


       Otis Blackwell (1931-2002) An influential Rock’n’roll piano player and composer. Wrote “Don’t be cruel”, “Return to Sender”, “Great Balls of Fire” and other top hits in the 1950-ies.

       Jerry Lee Lewis (1935-) Jerry Lee Lewis was the most prominent pianist of Rock’n’roll. His classic songs and a mesmerizing stage show have kept him alive since then.

       Sir Elton John (1947-) In 1970, Elton John renewed the rock piano after 10 years dominated by guitars. He is one of the main inspirations of today’s rock piano players.

       Billie Joel (1949-) In 1977, Billie Joel, after having been a sideman since 1966, made it big in 1977. One of his most famous songs is “We didn’t start the Fire” from 1989.

       Ben Folds (1966-) Gifted rock trio pianist, first in his group Ben Folds Five, later as a soloist. He is a charismatic live performer, who likes to improvise and change songs on the fly.


       James P. Johnson (1894-1955) was one of the best piano players in the USA. He played ragtime, wrote “Charleston” and invented stride piano; a link between ragtime and jazz.

       Fats Waller (1904-1943). was both organist and pianist, and the best boogie Woogie player ever. His finest songs are “Ain’t Misbehavin”, “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Alligator Crawl”.

       Teddy Wilson (1912-1986) One of the finest swing pianists in the 1930-ies. He was at his peak in the band behind Billie Holiday. His excellent technique and speed are legendary.

       Bud Powell (1924-1966) joined the bebop “society” in 1947 and played with Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. Powell was one of the fastest piano players in modern jazz.

       Bill Evans (1929-1980) was part of the Cool Jazz, that replaced the hectic bebop. His playing was influenced by the impressionistic music of Claude Debussy. Wrote “Waltz for Debby”.

       Keith Jarrett (1945-) is a celebrated improvisator mixing modern classical music with meditative free jazz. His album “The Köln Concert” from 1975 is a milestone in modern jazz.